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Food Design Labs for Innovation


Our Food Design Labs are an initiative of deMorfa, to promote food innovation in companies and other venues, as well as to transfer the strategies of this emerging transdiscipline to those involved with the food ecosystem.

The general objective of the Lab is to introduce participants to the main concepts of Food Design within a space in which models, tools, cases, methodologies and practices are combined for applying to innovative strategies for new food products and concepts that can be introduced and capitalized in local and international markets. The Labs are based on a strategic definition of food design: "Any action that improves our relationship with food in the most diverse senses and instances. These actions can refer to the design of the edible product itself and its context, including products, materials, spaces, processes, experiences, technologies, systems, etc.". The specific objective of the Lab is to contribute to the training of the participants so that they have a global and integral vision of the foodscape and our relationship with it, applicable to their specific roles or professions.


Food Design offers the possibility of identifying areas of opportunities for improvements in our relationship with food, providing a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship applied to the food processing industry, gastronomy, including gastronomic tourism, craft products, denominations of origin, and other instances and characteristics of a given culture and territory. We offer different types of Labs that, due to their duration and formats, allow us to adapt to different targets and objectives.

Possible themes: (partial list, you can create custom ones)

• Innovation in edible products for industry (small, medium and large)

• Reconversion towards responsible products and practices

• Identity and branding

• Entrepreneurship in the food and gastronomy sector

• Design of experiences in food and gastronomy

• Innovation in food and gastronomic tourism, and design of thematic routes

• Etc.


Extension and format: (can be done in a place proposed by the client or in your own space)

• Intensive Lab: 16hs in 2 days (8hs / day)

• Basic Lab: 30hs distributed in 6 meetings (5hs / day)

• Other custom formats


Recipients: (groups can be set according to profile or specific needs)

• Chefs and other professionals in the gastronomy industry

• Educators

• Engineers, technologists or food scientists

• Entrepreneurs

• Food producers

• Managers, decision-makers and other public, private agents, NGOs, etc.

• Nutritionists and health professionals

• Product designers, branding, etc.

• Professionals in the food industry